One to One photography courses

From £25.00

Photography beginners course on Zoom or in person.

This beginners course will teach you the basics of photography, using your camera and composition. We'll discuss a lot of the details in the first session and then you'll have a week to try things out, then come back with some questions and hopefully some awesome photos (which we can then talk about and work on the next steps!)

Designs for amateurs looking to improve their skills, start moving away from the auto modes on their camera.

Four packages:

1) Online beginners course - Photography beginners tuition - 5 one-hour sessions over Zoom.  £125
2) Hourly online one-to-one sessions - Photography beginners tuition - £25 one-hour session over Zoom. (I recommend at least 2 sessions to allow you to practice in between!)
3) Full day in-person course - Photography beginners in-person course - £120 for a five-hour photography course (I'll bring the cake!).
4) 2 hours in-person one to one sessions - Photography beginners in person session - £50 for a two-hour photography session.

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Full day in-person one to one course
Online beginners course - 5 one-hour sessions
Two hours 1:1 in person photography workshop
Hourly online one-to-one sessions
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